Wednesday, August 31, 2011

3 weeks ago...

Just 3 short weeks ago I looked like this...and then came this...The most perfect new addition to the Cole family. Camden James was born at 3:12pm weighing in at 7 lbs 14 oz and measuring 19 3/4" long. Everything before his arrival seems like an entirely different life! I am really enjoying my time home with the little guy. My days are filled with feedings (lots of those!), diapers (lots of those!), sleeping (more by the baby then by me), snuggle time (as much as I can!) and basically just looking at him (is his chest moving up and down?). We feel extremely blessed and excited for this new chapter.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

36 weeks - update

My main feeling these days - we are running out of time! I want Baby C to cook as long as he wants but I think he wants to make an early appearance for some reason. We'll see!

I did have a growth scan today and he weighs a healthy 6 lbs and some odd oz. He's in the 67th percentile. If he decides to go full term, he should weigh about 8 1/2 lbs. He also has lots of hair and chubby cheeks! Everything looked really great and I'm making good progress.

Baby showers are almost wrapped up. I have my last one on Friday with my work crew. There hasn't been a baby shower to plan at work for at least 15 years so they are beyond excited. We have been extremely extremely blessed and really won't have that much left to purchase to complete his stock of necessities. One person's idea of a necessity is far different from anothers...example...the Itzbeen. It tells you multiple things like when he was last fed, serves as a night light, has an alarm and pretty much takes away any reason for Tommy & I to discuss his routine at 3am. Just check the Itzbeen...right? ;0) I received it on Saturday from a new mom and I can't wait to use it!

Now we just have to tackle a few more to do's like packing a bag and we'll be good to go. One important thing we need to note...where is Labor & Delivery at the hospital?? We took a tour but somehow we both managed to tune out this important factor. We were there today and have no clue where to go...we'll get there somehow!

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

32 weeks and growing...

Whew - I was breaking a sweat in this long sleeve thing but I have to stick with it. I actually only have two more stickers to go till Cam arrives. Crazy! It's also crazy when I look at my 8 week picture which is saved in the same file as this one...will I ever see that waist again?! At this rate...will I have to stop driving because I can't fit? My sister was concerned on our flight last weekend that the seat belt wouldn't fit. She's great for the confidence boost!

Let the face roundness begin... I went to my 32 week check up today. I had been measuring two weeks ahead but now I'm just one week ahead. She said it could be due to several things including simply my height. We'll wait till our 37 week sonogram to actually see how big the little guy is. I feel like he's running short on room as he rolls around in my belly. I'm still feeling pretty good. A little tired but that could be due to all kinds of things. My feet tend to swell after walks and long, hot days which I have about 55 more of those to live through with this belly! We went and had a 3d sonogram a few weeks ago. He was a little camera shy and buried in my pelvic bone but we got a few good shots. The dark shadowing is me according to the tech...she also said he was "positioned well" as opposed to the way his mama was positioned when she came out. No more pictures please...We are in the middle of baby shower bonanza! Not just for me but several for my friends. They are so fun! I used to be so overwhelmed by baby stores but now I love just going in to look around. My mom is here for work this week and supposedly we'll have the nursery complete when she leaves. A bit daunting at this point but if we're successful...I'll post some pics! Well, sans the bedding. It should be ready in the next few weeks. :)

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Giving credit where credit is due

Since the big name announcement several people have asked "How did you come up with it?". Well, don't worry, the person that deserves credit wasn't happy when her name wasn't mentioned! I can picture her scanning the text eagerly waiting to read her name. Her words were similar to "You acted as if the name fell down as a gift from above". So...MOM...thank you for your endless name recommendations and thankfully one stuck! Love you!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

What's in a name?

At one point, I could vividly see my future in regards to name selection. We would be in the hospital checked in, IV in my arm, playing the waiting game for the baby to arrive and Tommy would have a pad of paper crossing off names trying to make a decision. We may have even had a top 3 list and waited to lay eyes on the little guy.

I mean there are a ton of things to consider when trying to choose a name. Does it fit a baby, a school kid, a teenager, look good on a resume, can he shake a business partner's hand and be proud, a wrinkly grandpa? We really can't worry too much about 60 years from now! Can you live with any possible nickname that may come from it? Again, something you can't worry too much about because kid's imagination seems to have no limits when it comes to this so who knows what they will think of. I've learned just to pass your name thoughts by a 10 year old and see what the first thing that pops out of their mouth is. Quite entertaining.

There were 24 family members at Easter dinner so we took a vote of our two favorite names (no write ins allowed) and they basically tied (if you don't count the 4 & 5 yr old sisters). Then...the very next week...our problem was solved.

The vivid delivery day image I had in my head won't be happening. We finally came to a name that we both love even more then any other name we thought we loved before. Tommy officially ok'd the name by writing it in my Mother-to-be Mother's Day card. His name will be Camden James. Camden doesn't run in the family, doesn't mean anything significant and I don't know why or how we didn't find it weeks ago but we love it. James is after my granddad who I lovingly referred to as Tatch.

We have other family names we hope to pass on if we are blessed with more babies but baby #1, you've been named!!

I didn't see Tommy do any of this on our vacation last week so the pictures were a sweet surprise.

28 weeks down

The apps and emails I get compare Baby C's current size to a Chinese cabbage, an eggplant and a head of cauliflower. He's also supposedly between 14-16in (now measured from head to toe I think) and between 2.25 and 2.5lbs. I think over the next few weeks his goal is fat storage so he can have the same chubby thighs his momma was born with. I love baby thighs!! and toes and fingers and noses...haha

Over the last four weeks we've picked out baby bedding fabric, gotten rid of furniture, cleaned carpets, (he) put together furniture, started a registry, took one last pre-parenthood vaca, (I) took a breastfeeding class and tomorrow is the yucky glucose test. Something I'm not looking forward to in the least but it has to be done. I also start going in to see the dr every two weeks from this point on which I'm actually looking forward to.

I can't believe before the next sticker at 32 weeks, we'll have completed baby classes, had a few baby showers and who knows what else! It's an exciting time in our lives and I do believe we are treasuring every moment for the gift it is.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Gulf coast

This past weekend we headed to Corpus Christi to see the Murphrees. I've always looked up to the Murphrees. I met Emily on Bid Day 2000 when I hopped of the bus shortly after learning I was a Theta. She was holding a sign with my name on it. We've been friends ever since!

It was a fun but quick weekend. Luckily, Corpus is a short flight away. We got in and had some yummy fajitas (Emily also has been an excellent host) and enjoyed the backyard. Emily's dad calls their house Green Acres. It is a little in the country but it's so nice! The kids have a wonderful backyard, play set, vegetable garden, room to's great! Saturday was spent at the ocean since that's one big thing we don't get here in DFW. One thing we didn't leave behind in DFW was the wind... and then we went to a Hooks game that night. It's located right at the Port of Corpus Christi. Very nice view. We took lawns seats and they have these awesome wooden rocking chair tickets you can buy. Emily and Trent have this parenting thing figured out! They brought PJs to the game, the kids changed at the end of the 8th, fell asleep in the car ride home and went straight to bed when we got there. Wow!

This boy smiles like no other and never loses the grip on his pacifier.

The next day we headed to Port Aransas. It was the 15th annual Sandfest. Lots of people, snacks and sand!

Look at all those teeth! The only time he stopped smiling was when we got near the water for fear that his parents would make him go in. I guess he's not a fan just yet!
Ella's favorite sweet pose

My favorite sand creations. They started on these Friday night and we caught them in the last 15 minutes till judgement time on Sunday.

This was a man drowning in debt trying to keep up with the Joneses.

His family and the nice house on the hill of debt and overdue bills.

This pile had everything from a diamond ring, $100 bills, prada purse, Xbox...pretty interesting concept

On the opposite end of Cole, you have Ella who wasn't entirely happy until it was time to go swimming. She took one dip and brrr...too cold! She thought maybe the area 100 yards away where there were crazy kids swimming wasn't as cold??

Then it was time to head home. I think Green Acres/Corpus Christi will be a great place to take our kids to visit in the future! ;0)